Id like to list everyone that has contributed to this page.Thanks for your help guys.Id also like to give a massive thanks to all the tapers,without them we wouldn’t have so many great recordings to enjoy.


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Welcome to Powerslaved.

I will be putting together a comprehensive web page for Iron Maiden/Related bootleg traders/fans around the world.
The basic idea of this huge database I’m creating is to give information for the bootlegs
all in one centrally located place, instead of traders spending hours on several different
pages. If there is one centrally located web page with all the information a trader needs, then
I believe it would be very helpful for traders, tapers and all people who enjoy Maidens music.

How to send me the information:

You can e-mail it to me at:

How the information should be set up:

Its easiest for me if you put all the information on a Notebook text file. The Notebook text
file transfers really easily to HTML on a web page.

What I Need From You:

Its simple:

Information on Iron Maiden/Related bootlegs. I do have some information myself that I have collected over
the years, but I need the help of other traders in order for this to work and for it to be
a workable web page for ALL Maiden traders/fans

How To Set Up The Information & What I’m Looking For:

# Of CD’s
Artwork (if any)

Hope you enjoy the site for many yrs to come.

Have fun!

2844total visits,112visits today